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Blog - BDO Debt Help in Ontario, Debt Relief, Management and Consolidation

  • Blog - BDO Debt Help in Ontario, Debt Relief, Management and Consolidation

The Growing Issue of Student Debt

Are you having trouble paying back your student debt? You’re not alone. A student loan is usually your first debt and a growing reason people seek debt relief solutions. It’s not hard to see why Ontario’s students are carrying so much debt, before they enter the workforce. According to the Canadian Federation of Students: •           Ontario’s undergraduate students pay an average of $7,259 in tuition fees. While graduate students pay $8,456 •           The average student debt from both public and private loans after a four year degree is $37,000 •           Tuition fees increased 71 per cent between 2005 and 2012 […]

Debt Advice: Creating a Budget and Sticking To It

It’s the holiday season, which means holiday spending. This is the time of year where setting a budget should become a priority, but simply isn’t for most Canadians. In fact , while we won’t know exact dollars spent on the holidays for a few weeks, a BMO report released prior to the holiday spending season showed Canadians planned to spend 12% more than they did in 2012 and 30% more than they did in 2011. And unfortunately, for most this simply means increasing their debt load. If you are able and willing to restrict your spending in order to avoid […]

Debt Relief Solutions: Consumer Proposals vs. Bankruptcy

Is a consumer proposal an appropriate alternative vs. bankruptcy?

How filing a consumer proposal can be a less expensive and less upsetting strategy to resolve debt problems Debt can give you tunnel vision. The only answer you might be able to see is bankruptcy. But if you widen your scope, you might see that filing a consumer proposal can offer some individuals a beneficial alternative, which will solve debt problems and let them keep their personal belongings. Basically, consumer proposals allow you to pay back all of your debts, with one monthly payment, which the court approves and which is usually less than the full amount of what you […]

Bankruptcy Trustee Doug Jones warns about the dangers of debt settlement companies

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BDO Trustee in Bankruptcy Doug Jones explains how debt settlement companies compare against the services that trustees offer. Tweet

The Consumer Proposal: An Effective Plan to Eliminate Your Debts, Keep Your Assets & Avoid Bankruptcy


Stella Millis and Doug Jones from our Barrie office recently appeared on Rogers TV daytime to discuss consumer proposals. Find out about how BDO can help you reduce your debt through a consumer proposal. Tweet