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What are the Benefits of Student Debt Consolidation?

You may have heard the news: the Government of Ontario will be providing free post-secondary tuition for students from low-income families. This is good news for those Canadians who might not have been able to afford to attend university or college otherwise. Unfortunately, many graduates and current students still face the prospect of paying back significant student debt – not just provincial and federal loans, but also lines-of-credit, personal loans, and credit cards. As millennials strive to start families, at least seven in 10 say they would have to make significant financial adjustments in order to do so. For this […]

The Parent Trap (Infographic)

Canadians are Further in Debt, But What Will They do to Support it?

In February, more people in Canada may be seeking debt support services in order to offset rising costs. A recent poll collected by Ipsos Reid on behalf of BDO Canada found that 49 per cent per cent of Canadians will seek financial help this year, either in the form of a financial advisor, online budget advice, a debt calculator, web seminar or other methods. Yet, the poll shows that half of Canadians remain optimistic about increasing their net worth and paying down their debt over 2016, despite the lower dollar and rising cost of utilities and food. These figures may […]

Financial Health Check: Facing Debt Reality (Infographic)

3 Options That Will Help You Deal with Credit Card Debt

Understanding how credit card usage and credit card debt impact your finances is important when making a plan to start paying down debts. If you are carrying a month-to-month balance on one or more cards, putting a strategy in place to deal with your credit card debt can help you get the new year started off on the right foot. If you’re in debt, you are not alone with as credit card debt in Canada is at a two-year high. Here are three options to consider when tackling credit card debt this January: 1.  Opt for a DIY solution to […]